Greetings from Hit to Fit Headquarters

Posted: December 11, 2009 in Boxing, Confessions of the CEO, Fitness, HIIT

I never thought I’d be blogging.  (Blogging???? What sort of word is that?)

Now that that little detail is out of the way, I shall begin with a confession.   I am writing you from my bed and I don’t want to get out.  Here’s a little secret that I think is true for at least 1/2 the trainers out there.  We can be lazy.  And tired.  We can lack motivation, inspiration, and energy just like everyone else. The only difference between us and anyone else is that it is our profession to take the raw ingredients of busy, tired and ‘don’t wanna but needta’ and mix them with knowledge, planning and motivation to bake our clients into balanced individuals who are getting their fitness needs met in a palatable way.

Well, I’m three weeks from launching Hit to Fit and I feel lazy.   It’s cold outside, Christmas is almost here, I’m preparing to travel over the holidays, going to Christmas parties, kid’s concerts, growing my business, and generally feeling way too busy.   As for my own fitness:  I work in a gym, so won’t ever buy another gym membership, and when I’m done teaching the last thing I want to do is workout.   In short, I’m my own worst client.  I’m the one with a list of excuses a mile long who insists that I can’t do anything different than the way I’m doing it now.

Here’s another confession: I developed Hit to Fit for me.  It’s totally a selfish act.  I need a short, intense workout that I can do during the day.  I need something fun, quick, effective, challenging and ever changing.  I need a workout that makes me feel alive.  I need to go to the gym with a plan, work my ass off and then feel great for the rest of the day.  I need to fit it in on my schedule. I need to do something so challenging that it focuses my attention on just that one thing.  I need to keep up with my kids.  I need to see my muscles.  I need to see progress.  And, I need to hit things.  🙂

So on January 4th when Hit to Fit opens, I’ll be it’s first client.  I just know it’s going to be perfect for me!  So, if there are any of you out there who are lazy, but want to work hard; are busy, so want to work fast; and want to have fun, while focusing your intentions and challenging yourself – I hope to see you there!


  1. j says:

    🙂 that is great – she said typing from her bed – hoping for exactly the same thing – can’t wait until you franchise so I can go to the one in Vancouver and in Courtenay 😉 oh and Toronto would be good too oh and Calgary 🙂 wheeeee

  2. hitgirl says:

    aww, a comment. thanks ‘j’. 🙂

  3. Heidi says:

    Sandy – this looks awesome!

  4. you are so fantastic! I wish you were doing this here is seattle. your post was like I’d written it myself (except for the owning a gym and all that.)

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