i woke up this morning…

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Confessions of the CEO

I woke up this morning and I caught a little bit of news that made my head spin.  Apparently some New Age Guru type hosted a sweat lodge for some of his clients and three of them died while he was being hosed off and giving other people ‘high fives’ for making it through.  I’m guessing he’s in a fair bit of trouble – and WTF?!  Does anyone else have a hard time with all the implications of this?

Later, I dropped my kids off at school and joined them in their gym to sing Christmas carols.  In the crowd of singers, one voice stood out, completely separate from the others.  Turns out one of the moms is a professional Opera singer and even though she tried to make her voice small, her sound filled the room.  All the kids were turning their heads to see where this incredible music was coming from.

Afterward, the director of the school asked her if she would play at tomorrow’s carol service and she agreed.  My husband and I stuck around and listened to a bit of an impromptu rehearsal.  Two bars in and I was unexpectedly weeping.  The sound of her voice went straight into my heart and I honestly don’t know if I have every heard anything quite so beautiful.   Nonce, my husband, said that he thought it was more powerful to see a singer like that on a Tuesday, at the kid’s school, than it would be to see her on stage.  He felt that somehow a big stage production would take away from the raw beauty of this one person singing.

What does this have to do with fitness?  Nada, but I did do a really intense 8 minute routine before I showered this morning and it made me feel good.



  1. Bob says:

    Yeah, people turn their heads when I sing too. Mostly likely to hide the smirks.

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