Fitness 101 – 101 excuses

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Excuses excuses..., Fitness

Please feel free to add to this list of excuses not to exercise:

The first 25:

1.  I don’t feel like it today
2. I’m gonna start my routine after I move/switch jobs/get over this cold/have my next birthday
3. I’m tired
4. I feel too lazy
5. I just ate
6. I need to eat
7.  I’m too fat
8. I don’t want anyone to see me
9.  I hate exercising
10. I have to finish my blog 🙂
11. I don’t have anything to wear
12. I’m too busy
13. It’s cold outside
14. Gym’s too far away
15. Won’t have time
16. I’m too old
17.  I need a sports bra
18.  I need new runners
19.  It’s too cold
20.  I’m hungover
21.  I have cramps
22.  My girlfriend has cramps
23.  I have to work
24.  I’m scared  (never to be uttered out loud)
25.  I don’t have childcare

  1. Annette Jacobsen says:

    * I am on holidays!!!
    * I need a break from structure and routine!!
    * I need a coffee!!
    * My mother called!! (again!! <3)
    * I have to take my kids to THEIR sports!

  2. hitgirl says:

    these are impressive. very hard to penetrate. well done. A+

  3. Lis says:

    *The gym will be too busy, I’ll never get a machine
    * All those muscle head grunters will be there; they scare me
    *I’m too stressed; I’ll feel better if I eat/change into my jammies/veg on the couch instead
    *I forgot my iPod/iPhone/tunes
    *I don’t want to work out too much as I don’t want to “bulk up” (usually uttered by a female who is new to working out and does not understand the sheer amount of physical effort and proper eating it takes to naturally “get bulk”)

    Note, these are not MY excuses; this is ME adding to the list of things I hear!

  4. Stasia says:

    I have a headache.
    I have a sore back.
    My favorite show is on TV tonight.
    My favorite sports team is playing tonight.
    It’s my birthday.
    My dog ate my gym strip.

  5. hitgirl says:

    Lisa, I’ve heard a lot of those ones before, and I know that you have never uttered a one!

    Stasia – happy birthday 🙂 by all means, take the day off.

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