And finally: Excuse 101 – I’m on Vacation!!

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Excuses excuses..., Fitness

No really, I am.  I’m outta here.  Beach bound.  Rest and Relaxation.  Time with the family.  Gonna get away from it all.  Wish you were here and all that jazz.

But before I go, let me wrap up our session on excuses.  After going through all those excuses, it seems to me they fall into 6 main categories:

1.  Lack of Motivation (ie laziness!  the 1st law of motion/inertia at work – it’s always hard to get started.)

2.  Lack of Time (busybusybusybusy)

3.  Lack of Money and Equipment (or imagination/knowledge?)

4.  Lack of Energy or an Abundance of Stress (it’s an endless loop – exercise gives energy (relieves stress) and without it we lack energy (can’t manage stress) – see #1)

5.  Lack of knowledge (too many choices, don’t know what to do, where to go, or how to start)

6.  Fear (I’ll look stupid, I’ll get hurt, it won’t work anyway, I’ll stop doing it, no one will support me)

It is important to note that there is a difference between having an excuse and a reason, though excuses often try to mimic reasons.  Here’s a couple of real reasons to get us started – feel free to add:

1.  You are sick.

2.  You are injured and your doctor said no.  (but you are seeing a physiotherapist, ya?)

3.  A major crisis (however, especially in a crisis, a quick run or a bounce on the trampoline, or a short session with us will help you get through).

When I get back we’ll tackle these a little more in depth and start working on how to create a plan that works.

Hasta luego.


ps – I don’t actually subscribe to rest = relaxation as you may have guessed.  Without movement, the body can’t really relax anyway.  My rest will include heavy doses of swimming, surfing and general gallivanting followed by some icy cold girly beverages.


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