Posted: May 17, 2010 in Fitness, HIIT

This weekend I became an Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor.   I had the privilege of spending the weekend training with Shawn Mozen, owner of Agatsu, and the person primarily responsible for bringing Kettlebell training to Canada.  On the front of Shawn’s t-shirt was one of his slogans: Master of Movement.  Shawn is indeed a master of movement.  I could spend the next 2 hours blowing your minds about all the things he can do with his body but that’s not the point of this wee blog.  You can google him if you want to learn more about him.

Besides being inspired by Shawn’s abilities, I spent the weekend training very hard with a group of other professional trainers – for the most part a group reasonably dedicated to their health and well-being.  I did almost nothing besides train with this group over a 48 hour period.   When I found myself at the ferry terminal for a two-hour wait to go home I was shocked at all the schleps in the ferry terminal eating crap and drinking pop and was powerfully struck by how dreadfully out of shape the vast majority of people really are.   I had a sudden thought that all of these people were disabled.  After spending 48 hours in a room full of trainers, it was like coming off the airplane from a month in Mexico and being startled by how pasty white everyone is.

Our bodies are designed for movement.  We don’t all need to master it – we can’t all train 3 hours/day, nor would most people want to, but I saw the same kind of disparity between the rich and the poor and the fit and the unfit last night and we definitely need to build up the middle class.

A healthy mind needs a healthy body.   I’m not talking perfection or extreme athleticism.  I’m not talking beauty or big biceps.   I’m talking about having reasonable strength, reasonable endurance, reasonably low-fat body composition, good flexibility, and good joint mobility.  I’m talking about having a basic fitness level and following basic good nutrition.  Most people – and I do mean most – really need to ramp it up or they are going to have slew of health problems while depriving themselves the joy of living in an able body.

Sobering thoughts on a Monday morning.


  1. Doug Brown says:

    Actually I find your thoughts quite motivating. It’s never too late to start a good exercise regimen…until it’s too late.
    Sometimes the stick works better than the carrot, eh?

  2. hitgirl says:

    Thanks Doug. Well said. The stick in this case is reality…

  3. Stasia says:

    So, are you saying I need to stop drinking my Pacifico? I am kidding, of course. I try to do my body right but there are so many things that can lead a person on the wrong path. There are so many unhealthy temptations and so many reasons why we can’t take care of ourselves. Just look back at your blog on excuses to not exercise; I bet two or three could apply to one person at any given time. Thankfully, I like to be active and I love the types of exercise that I do. Unfortunately, there are many people that haven’t found what works for them or, perhaps they are not willing to look around.

    • hitgirl says:

      Hey Stasia, Good points you made there. I just think we’re at this point in society where what we think is normal is actually extreme. Especially the North American diet (Pacifico aside).

  4. Boris Terzic says:

    Shawn is a great instructor good to see you had a good informative time.

  5. Heidi says:

    Sandy, that was awesome. I love the perspective of ordinary unfit people being ‘disabled’. I love that kind of mental shift. Not that I am a master of fitness at all, but I do think that most people need to experience the joy of movement, the power of their bodies, the thrill of physical mastery. Many people are SO unfit, and they do not even realize it.

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