Dear Sears Catalogue

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dear Sears Catalogue, last month I received the Crownette Padded Seat Brief and I wanted to let you know how much I love it and that it’s made a HUGE difference to my life.  I’ve always had flat butt and this is the pretty much the perfect solution.

The first week I wore it I started getting a lot of compliments at work – people were asking if I was working out and my skirts now hang so much better.  Joel from accounting started coming around and flirting with me.   Last week he asked me out for lunch and we really hit it off.  Yesterday he asked me out for dinner and… well, here’s my problem.  I think we’ve really got something good going, but I don’t know what I’m going to do if one thing leads to another…

Do you or Crownette have any advice on how to manage things once the clothes come off?  I feel like I’m false advertising, but then I also think he should like me for who I am not how round my butt is and I REALLY don’t want him to see these underwear!


Bait and Switch?

Dear BAS,

This issue has come up enough times that the manufacturer of this product has put up a forum on their website where users of the product can discuss the best ways to navigate the removal of this underwear while in mixed company.  Having had a cursory glance through the forum, we found that the most popular solutions are dimming the lights and/or distracting your new lover (ie – point to the corner of the room and shout:  LOOK!  A monkey!)  Some women have found that the only long-term solution was to exercise to build the gluteal muscles that these underwear are trying to emulate but the manufacturer has warned of the dangers of excessive movement.   Good luck and thank you for your purchase.


  1. Kim says:


    Thank you for sharing this post & the latest offerings from the spectacular Sears catalogue.

    I now eagerly await the Christmas Wish Book.

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