Healthy people = healthy planet?

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Confessions of the CEO, Fitness

Maybe it’s the Mega Oil Frikkin’ Spill Disaster or that it’s June 22 and feels like March or that I just bought a new car with the idea that it’s gonna be less taxing on the environment (whilst trying to wrap my head around how buying 500 lbs of steel is good for the earth) but the world’s future is currently very heavy on my mind.

When I think about sustainability I’m as overwhelmed as the next person.  It seems that the more our culture talks about sustainability the less sustainable we become.  It’s like we’re helplessly throwing ourselves headlong onto the tracks with our mouths stuffed full of jelly donuts.  It’s baffling.

We’ve all heard that it’s going to take the efforts of the individual if we want to change the tides, but companies like BP and ridiculously lax offshore drilling policies illuminate the fact that all the composting in the world isn’t going to do a damn thing.  So what’s a girl to do?

Well, exercise – for starters.

I believe that our personal health has a positive impact on the environment.  Health should be included in the overall thinking around sustainability.   Imagine a world where all of us – to the best of our abilities – takes care of our own health.   For example, what kind of impact would these four health choices have on the environment?

1.  Eating locally.
2.  Exercising frequently.
3.  Shopping the aisles of the grocery store and not the middle.
4.  Biking to work.

Food for thought.

Happy Solstice.



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