I hate the gym.

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Confessions of the CEO, Fitness, HIIT
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Which is why I started one.

There are few things I can stand less than walking into a room of a whole bunch of machines, zombies on treadmills reading fashion magazines, and people lifting weights in backbreaking form while the rest of the patrons wander around trying to figure out what the hell they are doing there.

In my mind, the gym is a place that you go for a very specific reason – to train in a specific way to meet the demands of your life. The ultimate gym experience is pre-planned, directed, well executed, and short (like this post).

I think gym culture as it is needs to die.   So there.


PS – a shout out to my Mad Man, Micheal, who captured the essence of my thoughts in this ad.  http://www.copelandcom.com

  1. Kim says:

    Sandy, you have it bang-on. What confuses me the most is people who log hours on the treadmill.

    Victoria has some of the most beautiful running routes and year-round runner-friendly weather. Why would you ever choose to pay to run in an overheated, smelly box with no scenery?

    Victoria gyms should toss their treadmills and send everyone outside for some fresh air.

    Ps. Great ad, Micheal.

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