Fall Membership Drive (or Why we Rely on Yearly Members)

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Confessions of the CEO, Fitness, HIIT

At most, I’ll post a blog like this once a year – never again if the Gods smile down on me.

Hear ye hear ye!

Dear clients and supporters of Hit to Fit.  We are at the beginning of a fall membership drive and I wanted to communicate a few things.  First: thank you.  Our program hasn’t been running for even a year and though we aren’t yet a household name – I think we’re getting there.  It’s because of your support and you talking us up that we have achieved the promise of success that we have.

When I opened this gym it was my intention to create a community environment that really worked for the clients, the staff, and for me and my family.  I never wanted to push memberships and don’t have a good opinion of gyms that not only push membership but unreasonably lock people into contracts.  I’ve been on the receiving end of this and didn’t like it one bit.

With that value in mind, we’ve put forward flexible membership options from drop-ins to two year contracts.  I think this works great for clients.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work quite as great for the staff or for me as month to month we don’t know if we have enough money coming in to pay our overhead.  It does keep it exciting but it’s not the kind of excitement that is sustainable if ya know what I mean.

We don’t want to convert people from monthly memberships to yearly membership if they know it really isn’t going to work for them, but we do want to encourage those of you sitting on the fence to commit to us – for one year.

So, Sandra and I have set a goal:  we want to sell 100 yearly memberships by January 1, 2011 and we are willing to work with you to get there.  We have all kinds of promotions to encourage you.  Here are a few (you can’t take ’em all, but you can choose one):

1.  Baker’s dozen – buy a year and we’ll throw in an extra month.

2.  Get a friend to buy a year and we’ll give you both an extra month (even if you are on a month-month).

3.  If three or more of you sign up – we’ll give you a sweet deal ($59/month, no membership fee).

4.  If ten or more sign up – we’ll give the sweetest deal possible ($49/month, no membership fee and gloves for everyone)

5.  Buy a year and receive a free pair of gloves + no membership fee.

6.  Buy two years and we’ll kiss your whole face (a kind gentlemen from Edmonton is considering this option just for the perks).

7.  Buy a year receive a personal coaching session with Sandy (priceless).

If you are considering or have considered a yearly membership to a gym – we hope you’ll choose us.  We won’t lock you in.  If you move, we’ll cancel it.  If you travel or get sick, we’ll put it on hold.  If you’re lazy – well, you’ll have to suck that one up.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for playing.  Thanks for being great clients.  We are grateful to have the kind of people we do in this gym.

Yours in fitness,


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