Our ideal client.

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Excuses excuses..., Fitness

We’re lucky.  We have a lot of ideal clients.  Thanks to them I have been able to learn for whom our program really works.  The ones who have been most successful are those who commit to our recommendation of training with us 3 times/week.  Not some weeks.  Not when they feel like it.  Every week.  Three times.  The grand total of gym time is 1.5 hours/week.  Now these people do go one holidays, do get sick, and do take a break.  But then they come back and keep going – and from all accounts have barely lost any traction.

The reward of their investment is strength, agility, flexibility, balance, endurance and probably a whole lot of confidence.

All trainers have heard a thousand excuses for why various fitness programs or pursuits failed.  We do our best to be sympathetic and there have been a few times where people have truly won my sympathy.  But I’m gonna get Dr. Phil on you now.  The reason people fail is because they don’t take responsibility for their own lives.

You may be going through an ugly divorce but you still have to take care of your health.  You can’t fit this into your budget but are you still going to Starbucks 3X week?  You’re super busy?  Who isn’t?   No one will take care of your body for you (unless you really don’t and then nurses will).

I recently said that Hit to Fit isn’t a trend, it’s a ‘meat and potatoes’ workout.  We don’t do it because we love it (though we might).  We do it because it makes us strong.  For me it falls into the category of brushing my teeth or taking my car to the shop (but maybe a little more fun).

So, here’s a profile of our ideal client:

1. Pre-plans their attendance.
2. Shows up (in time to complete the circuit).
3. Works to capacity.
4. Asks questions when they are confused.
5. Comes at least 3 times/week.
6. Eats well – most of the time.
7. Shows commitment and initiative.
8. Makes no excuses.  (Really important!!!)

In health and happiness,


  1. Eleni says:

    well said Sandy! take responsibility! Hit to Fit really works and 1.5 hours of your life is all this program takes… what you get in return is priceless!
    Hit to Fit PDX

  2. hitgirl says:

    Thanks Eleni. This post is largely inspired by you and the discussions that we’ve been having about sustainable fitness. A key ingredient to sustainability is responsibility. Sandy

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