So, it’s December 1st – 20 more days until the sun starts making its comeback.  At Hit to Fit we lost a little sunshine this week and I, for one, am feeling pretty mopey.

I think many people saw Sandra as the face of Hit to Fit and rightly so.  She is who most of you saw day in and day out and I’m sure you’ll agree that she became more than a trainer to you.  She was definitely more than an employee to me.  When I came up with the vision of Hit to Fit, she was exactly the kind of person I wanted to help me lead and together Sandra and I began to lay the building blocks of what Hit to Fit has become.  The work that she did will always be part of the foundation and as the business continues to grow and new people come they will unknowingly reap the benefit of her presence.

My vision from the beginning of Capital City Boxing was to create a safe and supportive environment where anyone could come and learn to box.  Since expanding to include Hit to Fit the mission added a layer and grew to include words like fun, sustainable, sufficient and smart.

Hiring to replace Sandra was not possible.  I didn’t even try.  If Peter leaves I will also not seek to replace him.  Those we come to love are irreplaceable and it’s a disservice to even try.  What I did instead was hire in accordance to our gym’s core value.  There’s a sign up above the desk – perhaps you’ve seen it.  It’s a quote from Eddie Robinson and it says:  “Coaching is a profession of love.  You cannot coach someone unless you love them.”  I framed that quote the day I opened Capital City Boxing and it is not only my core belief around coaching but a shared belief of any coach that works at our gym. I point it out to everyone I interview. Coaches either get it or they don’t and Peter gets it.  He also gets the soul and science behind Hit to Fit and why it is one of the best fitness alternatives out there.

We had a great many applicants for this job and as I wrote to him last night, had I not found someone in whom I had 100% confidence, I was prepared to run it solo until the right person came along.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait.  I hope that you will make room in your hearts to embrace him.  We are not just building strength in the individual – we are building strength in our community.  That, simply put – is what our gym is all about.  And though people we love (clients, boxers, and coaches alike) will come and go, our core values and our mission will not change.

Thank you Sandra for way too much for me to detail here.  Thank you to Peter who has heard many times that he has big shoes to fill.  But remember – the only shoes anyone needs to fill are their own.

With love,


  1. Anne-Marie says:

    You’re so right Sandy! We’ll all miss Sandra and her leaving will create a hole in each of our hearts for a while. That hole will gradually fill, but Peter isn’t the one to fill it. I’ve already started reserving space for him in a different corner 🙂 His style is not Sandra’s but it is certainly no less effective. I had a session that ended up being just one on one with Peter this week and WOW can I feel it. He got me to dig deep, to find that place inside where I could give just that much more of myself to make my workout a memorable one. I left the gym KNOWING I had worked my butt off and wouldn’t have worked nearly as hard without Peter coaching me on my way! I say thank you to all three of you for your individual styles that enrich my workout so much 🙂 (and shed a tiny – ok big – tear of farewell to Sandra. Sniff sniff)

  2. hitgirl says:

    Anne-Marie – thanks so much for your comment. Different coaching styles for sure are a great gift to clients. We’re lucky that there’s always three of us. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a chance to work with Scott, but he’s quite magnificent as well. So glad you are back and I’ll see you in the morning! Sandy

  3. Deb F says:

    First of all, love the new webpage look. Sandra isn’t really gone, as you stated, her touch is all over Hit to Fit and she has just moved on to a different chapter in her life and I know all her clients and friends are looking forward to the facebook updates.
    Welcome Peter, I have worked with you a few times and he has a quiet way of making you work harder. It’s hard when you are self conscious about your self and your abilities to accept a new person especially in a gym environment. I remember walking up those stairs the first time and Sandra was there instead of you and thinking oh no, now what. What was an amasing encouraging friendship. Seeing Peter for the first time, the old nerves came back too, but I quickly realized he fits perfectly in the warm accepting, encouraging environment of Hit to Fit. Welcome Peter, I look forward to working with you.

    • hitgirl says:

      Thanks Deb – I like the new look too. It’s tough and pretty – like me. 🙂 I really appreciate your comment on being self conscious and how it can be hard to work with/trust a new person. You hit the nail on the head and I’m really glad you stated it. We can all identify with that. Change is tough – if we show compassion for one another we will get to the other side even stronger and more self-confident. Besides getting to a know a really amazing new trainer, another bright side for me is I get to see all y’all a little more for the next while. Sandy
      BTW – What are you doing up at 4:30am?

  4. Annette says:

    Today was my first day without Sandra and I almost didn’t come…. and I felt a big lump in my throat as I walked up the stairs. I remember feeling that way when I first started too. Nervous, self conscious, stepping somewhat out of my comfort zone and how almost instantly I was put at ease. That is what happened today. Peter was so natural and so genuine and he made me laugh a few times between the gosh darn awfully hard work he made me do! I let out a sigh of relief and knew ” I am in good hands” ” I will be taken care of” and we will take care of you Peter… 🙂

  5. hitgirl says:

    Annette – awww, that’s sweet and really good to hear. He’s gonna rock it.

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