New Year’s Resolutions – a word of caution…

Posted: January 1, 2011 in Fitness
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If you’ve been reading my posts this past year then you already I know I’m a New Year’s Scrooge.  That said, I launched Hit to Fit™ at the beginning of January last year and this January, my cohort Eleni is opening Hit to Fit™ in Portland 😀  – so it actually is natural for me to think about new beginnings, possibilities and goals.

Fitness studios love New Years.  We get an influx of new patrons and many gyms highly encourage you to sign up for a year RIGHT NOW and then don’t bat an eye if you never show up again.  In fact, it’s all good with them – more yearly members who don’t show up means more monthly revenue and less equipment maintenance.  But they’re not abusing anyone – just taking good advantage of the short-term thinking that New Year’s resolutions can bring.

Without a plan whatever resolutions you make this year will fail.  If fitness is one of your resolutions then you either need to make a plan yourself of find a gym that will make one for you.  Then you have to follow it.  I love the idea of a 3 month commitment when considering a lifestyle change.  I have witnessed and experienced first-hand the long-term change that happens when you commit yourself to action for 3 months.  This is how healthy living becomes a habit.

So, here’s a word of warning from someone who owns a fitness business, has lived through the fitness rush and once bought a $800 membership that I used twice.  Though we really do want to sign you up for a year (we really really do!!) – don’t do it unless you are already active in some of kind of fitness regime and are fully confident that you will attend.  Don’t buy a year long membership if you haven’t lifted more than your fork in 10 years.  Buying a gym membership doesn’t make you fit.  Using your gym membership does.

Happy New Year,



  1. getfitnow says:

    this is so true! set a SMART goal instead of making a flimsy resolution. find a program, partner or activity to get you moving because “moving is living”

  2. Dee says:

    Is this picture copyrighted? I would like to use it in a school newspaper.

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