How fit should I be?

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Fitness

This question, coupled with “how much should I weigh?” is something a trainer will get asked all too often.  (Peter posted a link from Sean Croxton on our Facebook site today that pretty much covers what I would say about the scale.)

We live in a society that wants to measure EVERYTHING so I suppose it’s natural that we want to measure our health.  How fit should you be?  Hmmm, here’s my answer –  I hope you like it.

Ladies.  You should weigh 130 lbs (at all times), be a size 4, and be able to run 1.5 miles in the heat under 12 minutes.  Not you?  Too bad.  You fail.  Next.

Men?  You should weigh 180lbs of solid muscle, be able to bench press twice your body weight and run 2 miles in 10 minutes with a hangover.  No can do?  Look –  I’m just the messenger telling you what you should look like/feel like/perform like – it’s not my fault if you can’t be what I think you should be.  Try harder.

There are thousands of ways to test and measure fitness.  Cardio tests, body fat measurements, BMI index, beep tests, you name it.  But, here’s a self-test.  Should you answer yes to any the following, I suggest you might like to look at your fitness level.  BTW – if you answer yes to some of these, it could be an indication of over training!

Have you ever felt better/stronger then you do now by a difference of…  let’s say, greater than 20%?

Are you self-conscious about your body?

Do you have a desire to make health changes?

Do you stop yourself from activities with friends because you think you can’t keep up?

Do you stop yourself from any activity because you fear you will look/feel/act stupid?

Are you afraid of trying new things because you think you might get injured?

Do you get injured often?

Do you wish you could participate in the activities your kids do, but you can’t?

Has your doctor told you to lose weight or get active?

Are you unhappy with your fitness level?  do you feel you are selling yourself short?

Have you stopped participating in activities that you used to love?

Are you suffering from depression?  Anxiety?  Problems sleeping?  Low energy?

And within these questions are more questions?  How old are you?  Have you been sedentary for longer than 2 months?  2 years?  10 years? always? are you diabetic?  injured?  ill?  pregnant?  new mother?  heart condition?  chronic pain? what are the physical demands in your life?

For most of us, fitness isn’t and needn’t be a competition.  You can decide how fit you want to be.  I’m a very strong proponent of “good enough” when it comes to health.  We have lives to live – some people LOVE moving, some LOVE loafing – but I think we all need a minimum amount of activity to feel good.  What’s your good enough?   You can be happy with yourself at anytime.  You don’t HAVE to improve your fitness level.  If you’re truly content keep doing what you’re doing – if you’re not, feel free to email me and I’d be delighted to help you get you on track.

Moral of this post – think for yourself, be yourself, take care of yourself.  🙂

In Health,


  1. Where did you get the graphic of “Barbie” and “Ken” with their measurements? It cracks me up!

  2. Deb Furlong says:

    Yes, numbers just disappoint me. I want to control my fibro, feel comfortable 90% of the time and minimize my chin and waist. Good enough for now

  3. Eleni says:

    well stated… I love this post! if people could listen for that inner voice that tells us what is right for us they would experience greater fitness, self love and quality of life. it’s not about being anything more than what works for you 🙂

    • hitgirl says:

      Thanks Eleni – you and I have talked about this a lot. The media propagates a one fits all model – for us trainers to excel at our work, part of our job is to eradicate that bullshit. 🙂

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