Day one

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Confessions of the CEO, Excuses excuses..., Fitness
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Like many people, there was a time in my life when I was periodically compelled to walk away from all the comforts and certainties of my life.  I’d throw it all up in the air and start over.  After I found a comfortable landing, I’d settle in for a little while and then toss it all up again and wait for the dust settle.  I didn’t really have a purpose – I just got bored of the way things were.

I managed to continue on this way during the course of getting married and having kids until about 6 years ago when we moved and settled into Victoria.  But that desire to start over is still there.

There are really obvious ways in which people start over.  Moving, getting married/divorced, a new career, having kids, losing loved ones, winning the lottery, going bankrupt are all situations in which people start over.  But there are other ways we can start over – but be warned, there will be no cake – as these beginnings are private and internal.  Unlike tossing it all up in the air, these shifts are purpose driven.

We can start over by thanking our spouse for the day to day things they do which truly enrich our lives.  We can start over by becoming aware of how we are thinking and behaving in any given moment.  We can start over by deciding to be gentle with everyone we meet.  We can start over by tracking a particular negative thought and loosen the hold it has on our lives.  We can start over by recognizing that our thoughts are not reality.  We can start over by saying ‘ yeah, the general state of affairs seem unmanageable – but fuck it, I’m going to enjoy the ride anyway’.

We can start over by seeing today as Day One.   Day One is when the past doesn’t inform you.  Day One is when you see things fresh and new.  Day One is a clean slate.

Welcome to Day One.

In health, Sandy

  1. Gregor says:

    Hey Sandy
    enjoy your blogs and this one hit home in a positive way.

    Thanks and best regards for your day one !!

    Greg C

  2. hitgirl says:

    Thanks so much Greg – appreciate the comment and well-wishes. I think I’m gonna have another Day One tomorrow. Sandy

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