One approach to Hit to Fit™ training

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Fitness, HIIT
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At Hit to Fit™ – our 30 minute circuits are by no means designed as a one-fits-all model.  The idea behind each of our two weeks is that clients progress through the movements focusing on different aspects of training.  By the end of the two weeks we are looking for an increased mastery in all drills.  The start and end point will individually differ but everyone needs to focus on solid alignment during every drill.  Alignment is KEY!

Supposing you train with us three times/week – here’s one, of a few, approach(es) to those six days:


DAY ONE – learning.  Focus on the essential components of each drill.  Focus on executing each movement with excellent overall alignment.  Make a mental note of number of reps completed for the particularly difficult challenge.

DAY TWO – movement.  Now that you know the circuit – work on mastery of control over the movements.  Pay attention to which muscles in the chain are firing when you perform the exercise in good form.

DAY THREE – power.  Focus on your breath and work on maximizing the power of each exercise.  Example for lunges – focus on your feet and explode off of them.  Don’t worry about reps.

DAY FOUR – progressions.  Each drill in every circuit has a basic movement and a variety of progressions and modifications.  If you are feeling confident in the basic movement of the prescribed drill, now’s the time to ask your coach for a progression.  When you next see this circuit – see if you’ll be able to start at the progression.

DAY FIVE – HIIT.  Pick one 30 second interval in each station and work at maximum capacity for 30 seconds.  The remaining 90 seconds are treated as active recovery (work at approximately 50-60 of your capacity) focusing again on fine movement.  See above graph.

DAY SIX – Your best effort.  Bring it all home baby!  Solid and consistent alignment.  Power.  Speed.  Remember those reps you counted on day one?  Compare your best effort on Day One to your best effort now.

A few months from now you’ll be seeing this circuit again – won’t that be something?!

Thanks for reading and thanks for training!

In Health,


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