Milking your workout for all it’s worth.

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Excuses excuses..., Fitness, HIIT

When it comes to fitness there really are no shortcuts.  Believe me, if there were – I’d have found them.  You may already know that I’m not the type to jump out of bed to hit the road/trail/gym/yoga studio/etc..  I really don’t care much for “exercise” but I have needs and desires (playing frisbee with friends, snowboarding, wanting to see my great grand kids, sleeping well, feeling vibrant and creative, keeping up with my family and rocking the summer dress) that require that I be strong and fit.  So, I’ve made it my life’s work to seek out the most efficient ways to train so I, and those of my ilk, can live happy, healthy and strong lives with… ok, I’ll say it – minimal amount of exercise.  Here’s what I’ve learned:

Hard and focused training for a half an hour three times/week can establish a very solid base of fitness.

Notice I said, ‘can’ and not ‘will’.  You have to use that time extremely well to milk it for all it’s worth.  To get the most out of your half hour you need to train the gamut:  strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, coordination, flexibility, balance, control, posture, and cardio.  And so, Hit to Fit was born, taking the above into account and answering the question – what is the most sustainable, time-efficient, practical and interesting training method which will maximize health benefits and athletic skills?

Most of you reading this are well aware of how the program is structured so I won’t get into that – but here’s a few tips of how you can approach your training with us to reap the greatest rewards.

Show up ready to work hard.

Consistency is the key.  Come 2-3 times/week.  Every week.  Though you may have reached your short term fitness goals, you’ll lose your gains damn fast if you stop training.

Focus on executing each and every movement with the greatest amount of speed, power and skill possible without compromising your postural alignment.  CONTROL BEFORE POWER.   POWER BEFORE SPEED.

Quality over quantity when it comes to movement.  I think I just said that, but it’s worth repeating.

Quality over quantity when it comes to movement.  I think I just said that, but it’s worth repeating.

It’s only a half hour – put everything you’ve got into it.  If you can talk through your workout – you aren’t working hard enough to get all the benefits.  To get maximum results you need to focus on your movements, your breath, and your alignment.  Your best effort requires 100% of your attention.

Read this post: One Approach to Hit to Fit Training

Listen to and communicate with your coaches.

Take the initiative to become educated.  If there’s an exercise that you don’t get – stay after and talk with your coach about it.  Google it.

30 minutes 3X/week.  We do the planning for you.  No scheduled class times.  It’s affordable.  All you need to do is show up and work hard.  NO EXCUSES BABY!

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