smart, sufficient, sustainable

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Fitness

Smart.  Sufficient. Sustainable.  These are the three words that Eleni K (Hit to Fit Portland) and I chose as the mantra of Hit to Fit™.  They describe not only the program itself, but the way we choose to do business and the way in which we choose to live our lives.  Ever since we decided on these key words, every major decision needs to past the test.

SMART – Have I examined the alternatives enough so that I feel well-educated and confident in choosing this particular way forward.  With regards to Hit to Fit™ it means – are we continually educating ourselves?  Are we filtering through what’s hot and trendy and arriving at safe, proven and useful?  Are we using our knowledge of exercise science to offer our clients the biggest bang for their fitness buck?  Are we adapting and evolving to new information and situations?  Are we looking both at the details and the big picture?  Are we making decisions based on reality and optimism?

SUFFICIENT – Am I doing enough to meet my goals?  I’ve mentioned this in other blogs –  I’m talking about the concept of good enough.  I get a reaction when I talk about good enough goals – people often think I’m preaching mediocrity.  I’m not.  If you have Olympic dreams, you need to be good enough to make them happen.  If you go mountain biking every week, you need to be good enough not get injured.  Asking you to be good enough isn’t letting you off the hook — it’s asking you to examine what good enough means to you.   When I’m your coach, I could give a rat’s ass what it means to anyone else.  Good enough holds you accountable to your own life.  Only your judgement of your own life matters.

At Hit to Fit™, sufficiency means providing an option of exercises that gives most people a sufficient level of fitness to live their lives with strength, mobility and free of injury and also provides a sufficient level of fitness for them to pursue other physical activities with ease, confidence and skill.

SUSTAINABLE – Can this be sustained?  Can the level which you are working be sustained?  Can your spending be sustained?  Can you sustain this level of exercise?  Do your habits sustain your life?  Is it manageable?  Is it doable?  For how long?

Hit to Fit™ recognized that for a great many people their exercise habits were not sustainable.  I’ve seen and indulged in a fair share of fitness binging.  Fitness binging is the habit of doing sweet F all for extended periods and then thinking you can make it all up in a single focused and crazy commitment for 3 weeks.  This usually ends in injury or frustration or both.  Sustainability from a fitness perspective is the ability to exercise frequently enough to get the health benefits.  Is 30 minutes 3 times/week (from now until you die) sustainable?  I sure hope so or our business model isn’t!

Three words – what do they mean to you?

In health,


  1. Deborah says:

    Great post – I like this way of looking at things! Deb.

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