A letter to a new client

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Fitness

Dear New Client,

I know, you’ve been telling yourself for a long time that you need to do something about your health and the day you decided to check out our program took a lot of courage.

And then you signed up and made a commitment.  Your first day was a lot harder than you thought it would be.  Shockingly hard.  It was a very painful wake-up call.  Congratulations.  Very seriously – congratulations for allowing yourself to be woken.

It doesn’t matter how you got here.  It matters what you are going to do now.  If you back out of your commitment you will be hurting yourself and I don’t think you need anymore hurt in your life.  So, please listen up.

1.  You aren’t going to turn your life around over night BUT you can make a commitment right now and if you do – in this moment – you will set the course for change.

2.  Forgive yourself.  You have done nothing wrong.  Everyone finds themselves wondering how the hell they got to where they are at least once in their lives.

3.  Your brain is going to get you into shape.  Your biggest challenge is your mind.  Your body WILL adapt.  It’s designed that way.

4.  Trust your coaches.  We aren’t perfect but we do have your best interests at heart and we are good at what we do.

5.  Communicate with us.  Tell us what’s too much.  Let us take you to your limit.  Let us help you succeed.

6.  Do. Not. Give. Up.

7.  Get your butt back to the gym.

With love,



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