My Top Ten Fitness hopes for 2012

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Fitness
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10. Employers will dedicate office space for fitness training and hire fitness/nutrition experts to educate their staff.
9. Healthcare will adopt an integrative care model and stop treating symptoms.
8. We’ll all go outside a little more.
7. Companies will give gym memberships to all employees.
6. Gov’t will not charge tax on fitness related activities.
5. Medical doctors will prescribe gym memberships.
4. Fitness will be advertised for how it makes you feel not just how it can make you look.
3. Home workouts.
2. Short workouts.
1. Functional Fitness in commercial gyms.  🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are feeling optimistic for the coming year!


  1. I don’t think any of these would be too hard for anyone. There is a trend with corporations moving towards fitness and wellness related activities now. I guess they see that they’d rather their employees invest in their health and prevent illness rather than wait until something worse happens.

  2. hitgirl says:

    Thanks Dante – appreciate your comment!

  3. Nice just liked it to my facebook! Lets have a great and fun 2012

  4. Tahnks…. This will help me to get a right method..

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