Happy as a Lark is the New Injured

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Fitness

Anyone who’s ever had an injury, please raise your hand.  Uh, yeah – except you there with the buggered rotator cuff…

Injuries suck.  They can prevent us from the simplest of tasks and they can take us away from all the activities we love – even those that define us.  They threaten our routines and can be devastating as we helplessly watch our hard work atrophy.   At worst an injury can threaten to sabotage all our healthy habits.  As a trainer, I’ve seen that happen all too often.


Injuries can be an opportunity too.  We can use the time and the energy put into our ‘normal’ activities and redirect them to other, often neglected, areas.  Those of us dedicated to “intense” exercise are often deeply demoralized when an injury happens but we are also those who could benefit deeply from meditation and yoga.   Injuries can give us the time we need to delve deeper into our nutritional habits and dedicate ourselves to cleaning up our kitchens and diet.  Even a 3-month break from normal activity doesn’t necessitate a loss – it’s possible to come back from an injury with renewed habits, focus and awareness.

Moral of this post – don’t let an injury get you down.  Committing to our health isn’t just about training hard – it’s also about how we eat, how deeply we breathe and how we approach setbacks and adversity.

Yours sporting an injury,


  1. I’m so glad to see other fitness experts writing about this. Our body appreciates a change in seasons. It’s hard to adjust, but if we put something less strenuous into the same “box” that our tougher workout used to fill, we may notice new improvements. For example, I used to teach super hard classes all the time. Then I was diagnosed with a severe diastasis. Then I needed knee surgery from some of those tougher classes. Those two “down” seasons really gave me new perspective on the FACT that fitness doesn’t have to be hard all the time. I’m leaner and more healthy now than I’ve been in years, but I’m not working nearly as hard as I was. These days, it’s a little yoga, a little pilates, a lot of transverse focus, a couple of moderate step classes, and one kick ass cycling class a week. Plus, I shifted to eating low-glycemic. My body really likes the new balance. I hope you heal soon! Namaste, my friend!

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