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Posted: March 8, 2012 in Fitness
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Good evening dear readers.  I’ve just been browsing the net looking at various fitness sites and was taking in the before and after shots on many of them.  Even though it has been repeatedly recommended, I have never as a trainer, gym owner, or program developer used before and after photos in my marketing.  I’ve thought about it and as tempting as it might be, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

I don’t like the idea of using images of my clients bodies to draw sales.   “Look at these poor sods 3 months ago –  look at their rolls, see how dumpy they were?  Wouldn’t want to be them would ya?  Well, look at them now – so pretty, so skinny, so happy.   I did that and here’s how I’ll do it for you.”   I know it works.  And I know it can be inspiring – I just don’t like it…

I didn’t get into this profession so I could make people skinny.  And all that “strong is the new skinny” is more advertising bull-hockey.  Strong is the new “still obsessed with your looks so you can feel superior to everyone else because otherwise you’ll feel sad, hopeless and depressed” skinny.  Not much new there…

Note the absence of the thinking part of this body...

I got into this profession so I could help people think less about how they look and more about the overall quality of their lives.  You can’t photo someone’s confidence going up.  You can’t photo whether they feel more comfortable in their own skin.  You can’t photograph whether they are living more meaningful, empowered and satisfying lives.  And if you could, I have a feeling you’d see it in their eyes more then in their bodies.

We’re all mad – you know.  Everywhere I turn I see images and suggestions that tell me not to be happy with myself and the beauty/fitness industry earns its keep by preying on our insecurities.  No news flash there, except that we do have some choice.  If we go deeper into our health and fitness, we may connect to our own voice and be able to let go of all the nonsense.

Show me a before and after of that.

In health, Sandy

  1. Kari says:

    Now that’s inspiring!

  2. Brier says:


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