A hiatus

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Fitness

Hey readers, happy first day of summer.  I hope this post finds you well.

I haven’t been updating this site very often lately and have decided to take a formal hiatus from blogging.  It appears I’ve run out of things to say.

There is so much written about health and fitness that it makes my head spin.  Health comes from experiencing it.  Fitness comes from experiencing it.  There are way too many how-to manuals out there for things that could come naturally if we just opened our minds and bodies to the experience of being alive.  There are no right and no wrong ways of being strong and healthy and it doesn’t look like anything on any magazine.

I believe having a basic level of fitness is extremely important and I don’t place importance on a whole hell of a lot of stuff.  Like it or not – we are biological beings in bodies and if you want to keep your spirits up you’ve got to keep your bodies strong and moving.

Regarding fitness (and everything else): don’t believe everything you read – except this:  fitness comes from consistently being active.  Health comes from eating things that were once alive.  The better it lived – the better it’ll nourish you.  Don’t believe everything you think – having a six pack won’t give you what you want you in life.  Strength is within all our grasps.  Commit to your health and happiness above all else.  Don’t expect it to be easy (especially the happiness part) – but it will be worth it.

It’s your life and it’s shorter than you think.  Don’t squander it getting too tripped out about how fit/fat you are – commit to your health and find a way to sustain it.  Sustaining fitness is way way way way easier than most people think – even lazy people like me can do it.  Hit to Fit works.  3 times/week + decent diet and you’ll be golden.

Enjoy your summer,


  1. Alison Bane says:

    What a beautiful entry and an eloquent exit into hiatus. You’re right, it is WAY easier than we all think. Hopefully i run into you this summer, I saw you’re suv with a SUPB on top – perhaps we’ll paddle into each other!

    Stay Golden!

    • hitgirl says:

      Thanks for the great compliment Alison. I bought the SUPB last week – it’s a life changer! See, this is why you need to stay fit – so when something awesome comes your way – you’re ready. If you’ve got a board, let’s make a date!

  2. Joanna Vander Vlugt says:

    Bang on Sandy. It`s so easy to get carried away with looking a certain. Thanks for keeping it real and true. Jo

  3. Awesome post and thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement! Heather

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