Opening Day!

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Confessions of the CEO, Fitness

We opened the doors at 6:30am this morning to a fairly steady stream of great people who tried the circuit for the first time.  I think my favorite comment was from a woman who said “I’ve never sweated so much in 30 minutes!” and then she proceeded to the whole thing again!!!

As for me, I did it once, just like I said, but I gotta say that demonstrating the Ropes Gone Wild 15 times was enough right there!  The A-channel is coming tomorrow – last time the news came to our gym, the camera man ended up doing the circuit.  I wonder if we can convince this one to do the same.

Thanks to everyone who showed their support today – not only by doing the workout but by giving their feedback and encouragement.  It was awfully nice to hear that many feel like this will fit this into their lifestyle.   I’m back at the gym tonight teaching boxing, maybe I’ll see you there.


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